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Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, sitting in Sukhasana


Dedicated Experts

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Yoga Director

Kim Tene has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She’s loved the art of linking movement and music her whole life. As a child, Kim practiced all forms of dance including ballet, tap and jazz. Up until 2008, she worked in the corporate world and taught barre and Pilates part-time. An opportunity for yoga teacher training and instructing fell into her lap, and she has spent over a decade dedicated to teaching yoga full-time. Her intention for every class is to speak easy, pass no judgement, do no harm, and most importantly, have fun together.

“Yoga takes the components of my love for barre, Pilates, and dance to a new level. It encourages a deeper connection with self and with others. Yoga is accessible to everyone, with endless types - the beauty and peace of a yin restorative class, up to moving and sweating, using all your strength, balance and core in a more aggressive flow. There is no competition; it’s progress without perfection. To see what your body naturally can do, listening to it and appreciating for what it will do. When I see my students progress or change or create balance in their body or mind, without ego, without perfection, this is what I love. This is what brings us together.” 



Bridget found her love for yoga in 2013 when she took a hot class with a friend, and dove into teacher training shortly thereafter. She has a Masters in elementary education from Oakland university and taught fourth grade before teaching yoga. When she’s not at the studio, she loves spending time with her family, cooking, decorating, and working out. Bridget is also a certified barre instructor which is a great compliment to yoga.



Yoga Instructor

Jessica is so grateful to be joining the YogaVita family! She’s a 200h CYT, and holds specific trainings in yoga for 12-step recovery, holistic group facilitation and ceremony. Her desire to help fellow humans heal from life’s heartaches drives her teachings from a spiritual place. She believes what we learn and practice in one hour on the mat can heal us the other 23 hours of the day. When she’s not teaching yoga, she is a professional henna artist and momma to two gorgeous little girls.


Yoga Instructor

Paula has been an Registered Yoga Teacher since December 2008, recieving her RYT from Jewels Yoga and Fitness. She's taught yoga at the Yoga Oasis, the former Clarkston Hot yoga and even yoga to retired residents. She believes yoga is for everybody and her classes are very gentle and can be modified for any individual.



Yoga Instructor

After spending 14 years in the gym, heavy lifting, competing in figure competitions and running half marathons, Tamara felt beat up and ready for a change. Yoga intrigued her as a means of being more gentle with herself. With curiosity, Tamara signed up at a studio and hasn’t looked back. Yoga has allowed her to maintain all of that hard earned muscle mass while simultaneously improving flexibility as well as an improved mental state.


Tamara’s been practicing yoga since 2011. She completed her 200 hour RYT training in January of 2016 from UpDog Yoga. That training combined with a BA in Communications has led to this space.


“I believe with absolute conviction that yoga is for everyone. It is merely a matter of finding the style best suited to your body and your needs at any given time. So it is always with great enthusiasm that I share my yoga journey in hopes of encouraging others to incorporate yoga into their lives. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to anyone who attends my class and wishes to travel their own yoga path."


Yoga Instructor

Patti, a registered nurse, believes in the healing benefits of mind, body, and soul that yoga provides. She has been practicing yoga for over 21 years and teaching for 14 years. Suffering with arthritis from a motor vehicle accident as a teenager, the physical strengthening and relief is what attracted Patti to yoga. However, it was the spiritual practice that kept bringing her back to the mat. Personally for her, this led her to a greater connection to Christ. Registered through Yoga Alliance, Patti earned her 200 hour Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher certification in 2007 at Namaste Yoga Studio in Sagamore Hills, OH. She has enjoyed studying with master instructors Todd Norian, Ann Greene, Sean Corne, Tias Little, Cyndi Lee, Simon Park, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Doug Keller. Patti is a graduate of the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Certification program in Chandler, AZ in 2012. She is grateful to have found Christ-Centered yoga as her passion, not only in practice, but in her ability to provide this gift to others. Patti’s classes are uplifting and gentle, combining a slow-flow and Yin. ​



Yoga Instructor

“You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga, you just need to be able to breathe.” is the mantra woven throughout Nicole Nygaard’s classes. After a traumatic and transformative experience in 1995, Nicole answered a calling to heal in Hawaii. 


In Maui, she received her group fitness and yoga certifications from SS&C. Since then, Yoga has been where Nicole finds her center and source of light. In her 28 years of teaching, she has been certified in the 500 Hour Training from Maureen Bosker’s “Yoga in The Woods,” as well as The Willpower Method. 


Masterfully guiding you to your center, Nicole’s classes have strong foundations in Ashtanga and meditation. She happily teaches Yin, Hatha, Slow Flow, Power Yoga, and-her favorite- Vinyasa. Nicole is blessed to have trained with greats like Gloria Keeling, Berly Bender Birch, David Swensen, and Brian Kest. She always says, “All Yoga is good, you just need to find the

practice or instructor that suits you.” 

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