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Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, sitting in Sukhasana


Dedicated Experts

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Yoga Director

Kim Tene has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She’s loved the art of linking movement and music her whole life. As a child, Kim practiced all forms of dance including ballet, tap and jazz. Up until 2008, she worked in the corporate world and taught barre and Pilates part-time. An opportunity for yoga teacher training and instructing fell into her lap, and she has spent over a decade dedicated to teaching yoga full-time. Her intention for every class is to speak easy, pass no judgement, do no harm, and most importantly, have fun together.

“Yoga takes the components of my love for barre, Pilates, and dance to a new level. It encourages a deeper connection with self and with others. Yoga is accessible to everyone, with endless types - the beauty and peace of a yin restorative class, up to moving and sweating, using all your strength, balance and core in a more aggressive flow. There is no competition; it’s progress without perfection. To see what your body naturally can do, listening to it and appreciating for what it will do. When I see my students progress or change or create balance in their body or mind, without ego, without perfection, this is what I love. This is what brings us together.” 



Bridget found her love for yoga in 2013 when she took a hot class with a friend, and dove into teacher training shortly thereafter. She has a Masters in elementary education from Oakland university and taught fourth grade before teaching yoga. When she’s not at the studio, she loves spending time with her family, cooking, decorating, and working out. Bridget is also a certified barre instructor which is a great compliment to yoga.



Yoga Instructor

Jessica is so grateful to be joining the YogaVita family! She’s a 200h CYT, and holds specific trainings in yoga for 12-step recovery, holistic group facilitation and ceremony. Her desire to help fellow humans heal from life’s heartaches drives her teachings from a spiritual place. She believes what we learn and practice in one hour on the mat can heal us the other 23 hours of the day. When she’s not teaching yoga, she is a professional henna artist and momma to two gorgeous little girls.


Yoga Instructor

Paula has been an Registered Yoga Teacher since December 2008, recieving her RYT from Jewels Yoga and Fitness. She's taught yoga at the Yoga Oasis, the former Clarkston Hot yoga and even yoga to retired residents. She believes yoga is for everybody and her classes are very gentle and can be modified for any individual.

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Yoga Instructor

Anne has been practicing Yoga for 25 years and earned an RYT certification in 2001. She has guided and practiced a variety of hatha Yoga styles over the years, but currently focuses on teaching Gently Flowing Yoga practices. Most sessions will incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises), a little vinyasa (flowing postures with breath control), and a wide variety of traditional yoga postures. Some of the teachers that influenced her early on were Jonny Kest, David Swenson, Veronica Zador, Mark Whitwell, and Sonia Sumar, as well as lovely teachers she randomly discovered by sampling their classes on retreats and workshops. More recently, Anne started facilitating Yoga and Hiking trips in various locations around the Blue Ridge Mountains. She considers herself a lifelong student and feels honored to share her practice with fellow students along this humbling Yogic journey.


Yoga Instructor

Patti, a registered nurse, believes in the healing benefits of mind, body, and soul that yoga provides. She has been practicing yoga for over 21 years and teaching for 14 years. Suffering with arthritis from a motor vehicle accident as a teenager, the physical strengthening and relief is what attracted Patti to yoga. However, it was the spiritual practice that kept bringing her back to the mat. Personally for her, this led her to a greater connection to Christ. Registered through Yoga Alliance, Patti earned her 200 hour Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher certification in 2007 at Namaste Yoga Studio in Sagamore Hills, OH. She has enjoyed studying with master instructors Todd Norian, Ann Greene, Sean Corne, Tias Little, Cyndi Lee, Simon Park, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Doug Keller. Patti is a graduate of the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Certification program in Chandler, AZ in 2012. She is grateful to have found Christ-Centered yoga as her passion, not only in practice, but in her ability to provide this gift to others. Patti’s classes are uplifting and gentle, combining a slow-flow and Yin. ​



Yoga Instructor

Una Hepburn was a ballerina since she was 6, dancing with the Lyric Opera of Chicago & some other smaller productions when in her 20’s. She then taught Dance as well as other many fitness classes. She did her first class on a beach in Hawaii in the 90’s & immediately fell in love with the practice. 

Around 2005/ 2006 she started taking more yoga classes at a local gym and in 2008 she began her yoga teacher training under the amazing teachers Jules Keilitz & Barb Heuerman. After earning her RYT in 2009 she opened Yoga Oasis with her teacher Barb and a couple other fellow students. Yoga Oasis had an amazing 11 year run & it was also certified Yoga Teaching school. Una is very passionate about teaching and hopes to pass that passion on to all who enter her class


Yoga Instructor

Lisa became an RYT 200 in 2015 through Yoga Oasis with teachers Barb Heuerman and Una Hepburn. She had been doing yoga for about 7 years when she went through training. Lisa is an avid runner and wanted something to complement that.​
She loves the way yoga can calm the mind, bring you into the moment and make your body feel energized through breath and movement. Her typical style is usually a flow class and loves to teach gentle up to vinyasa.​ with fellow students along this humbling Yogic journey.​

Chelsea Beattie.jpg



Chelsea grew up playing competitive golf in high school and college, until a back injury prevented her from continuing. Shortly after her injury, she discovered yoga and fell in love with the flexibility and strength she found in her yoga practice. She now hopes to share her love for yoga in the studio. Chelsea received her RYT 200 in 2017 and has taught Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin. Chelsea loves to create a judgement free space to allow her students to get out of their comfort zone to find a deeper level in their practice by linking breath with movement and music.


Yoga Instructor

Kelly Scott has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2008 as both a yoga instructor and life coach. From the first time she stepped onto the mat, she thought to herself, "Oh my God! I should have been doing this my whole life!" Kelly has the ability to guide a room full of people with her voice as she encourages shifts, changes, and transformations of your body, mind and heart with carefully curated poses and flows. In every class she weaves the Yoga Sutras, modern science (anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and quantum physics), and spirituality. You will always leave her class with a greater sense of peace and well being.

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Yoga Instructor

Emily started her yoga journey in 2011. She loved it so much she went on to become a yoga teacher and earned her RYT 200 in 2017. She has been teaching yoga in the Clarkston area ever since. Emily is also a mom and a preschool teacher. She loves to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into her children’s lives and the classroom. Emily is excited to meet you on the mat!


Yoga Instructor

Kathy started practicing yoga about 15 years ago. She discovered that practicing yoga not only creates flexibility and strength in the body, but it also slows down the mind and cultivates peace. In order to learn more about the many aspects of yoga, she became a registered yoga instructor in 2014 and started teaching. Yoga is a way of life and she wants to share that joy with others through teaching. Her classes are flow style and they incorporate breath and body awareness. She focuses on using deep inhales and full complete exhales to help create space between your thoughts and to allow the poses to strengthen and evolve. She is looking forward to being involved in the YogaVita community.

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